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A Breath Of Fresh Air

18 Mar

If you’ve been reading along, you will know that I’m trying to change my relationship with food and to do that I have to retrain my brain. My automatic response to stress is to eat something, my response to sadness is to eat something, to an exciting event- to eat something in a celebratory fashion, and so on (you can see where this is going). And this is a very hard task to tackle. Today I woke up already exhausted, even though I fell asleep on the couch at 9 pm last night. The husband was out of the house as soon as my alarm went off at 6 am, the kids both woke up early making it extremely difficult to get ready and out the door on time, the cat barfed all over the place- you get the picture. So feeling rather BLAH and having to much to do to take lunch at my normal time I was drawn to go get something cheesy, maybe salty, maybe carbolicious, maybe greasy… but instead I took a short drive to a nearby regional park and got some fresh air for my lunch hour. It may be less satiating than a juicy burger but I get to feel better about my choices. 


Family Time

10 Sep

We recently took a little family vacay to Arizona for some rest and relaxation, unfortunately with the huge amount of driving we did it was very little rest and even less relaxation but I got quality time with my family and was able to see some beautiful desert sites. We stayed in Scottsdale and ventured up to Sedona and the Grand Canyon while we were there. Here are some shots from our trip:

IMG_2855 IMG_2859 IMG_2861 IMG_2863 IMG_2865 IMG_2867 IMG_2870 IMG_2879 IMG_2882 IMG_2892 IMG_2898 IMG_2899 IMG_2904 IMG_2905 IMG_2920 IMG_2921 IMG_2922 IMG_2925 IMG_2929 IMG_2930 IMG_2827


Botanical Gardens at Los Angeles Zoo

10 May

Our little fam recently took a trip to the Los Angeles Zoo and I was pleasantly surprised to see all the beautiful foliage and blooms that I couldn’t help but split my attention from the abundant wildlife. Here are some of the shots I took:


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