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Street Fair Treat

15 May

Our town was having a street fair over Mother’s Day weekend which in the past had been something I would avoid, the crowds, the traffic, the whole ordeal of it all. But this year is different, this year I have made a huge effort to not only do things that were outside my comfort zone but also to have what I call ‘family adventure days’ in which we spend time most weekends doing something new with Madeline (or if not new, at least something family and kid-centric) so this weekend when I saw that there was going to be a street fair only a couple blocks from our house I was¬†intrigued. The advertisement said there would be food and local vendors, “food?!” I thought to myself, “I like food”. It was decided. Since we already had a jam packed weekend I knew we needed to go early which was a good thing since it turned out to be almost 100 degrees which is not typical of Mother’s Day weekend in our area.

The street was lined with vendor tents and colorful merchandise, aromas of tasty treats like hot dogs and kettle corn. There were many community and local organizations promoting their businesses and religious or political interests, and upcoming events. We received many coupons and freebies to try out new things like gymnastics classes for our daughter, a pediatric dentist, beauty salons, etc. Madeline was quite excited to receive two balloons from a pre-school and after school program in town. I, of course was on the hunt for something tasty, I settled on one of my most favorite treats – kettle corn and I also ¬†had a sweet and tangy ‘homemade’ lemonade. I loved the sign shop that was selling handmade wooden signs and metal vintage signs, we purchased a “Ventura” sign for our daughter’s beach-themed bathroom, I also bought a (probably overpriced) soy candle that smelled amazing. Despite the heat we had a great time walking around, seeing all the vendors, running into people we knew, and sampling some treats. Here are some pictures from our family outing.
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Food trucks!

5 May

Yesterday my hubby, daughter and I had an adventure day beginning with a trip to the Los Angeles Zoo and then a food truck charity event and finally dropping my daughter off so we could see a movie with friends. I happen to be a big fan of food trucks, they are a fun alternative to traditional restaurants often with creative fusion foods. Our hometown hosted a charity event in support of the troops and promised live entertainment with lots of delicious food trucks. I of course was intrigued. Now this is my first time going after beginning the Veg Project (becoming a vegetarian with my bestie) so I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find something to nosh since a lot of the food I’ve gotten in the past at different food trucks have been very meat centric.
There were a lot of fun trucks- grilled cheese, Asian fusion, Thai fusion, BBQ, burgers, cupcakes, etc. We found an acceptable length of a line at Sam Choy’s Pineapple Express. There was a lovely sweet pineapple and ginger fragrance coming from the truck. I ordered shrimp tacos with a pineapple slaw on corn tortillas, and they were delicious, grilled shrimp and a tangy and fruit slaw- a tasty little party in my mouth. After listening to some live tunes and devouring our delicious lunch I knew it was time for something sweet! We checked out the other trucks and found Pie ‘n Burger which has one of my very favorite things right in the title- pie!! Right at the top of the listing was the apple pie, immediately I knew that had to be it! I live for apple pie and it did not disappoint! Sweet, cinnamony, tangy apples engulfed by a flakey, buttery, perfect crust. I was one happy- and full mama when we left!