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Adventure Days- Family Time On The Farm

20 Jun

My husband and I love taking our two year old daughter out to new places to learn about the world. We try to do it as often as possible, this time we got to go to a birthday party at a local farm. We all had a blast! Madeline got to experience new things, riding a pony, feeding farm animals, petting farm animals (sheep, bunny, pig), taking a hay ride, etc. It was a great idea for a birthday party since all the guests get to run around, play, and explore for a good part of the party which alleviates the hosts of having to keep everyone occupied the whole time. I also think that it’s a great idea for kids to see farms so that they are exposed to where their food comes from and how it grows.

We watched an animal show and Madeline learned all about different animals that they brought out and after petting the animals we talked about ‘what all the animals felt like” (texture) and what colors they were. This wasn’t our first time at the farm but since it’s been a while and there were less people there this time, I think it gave Maddie a chance to explore more. Here are some of the pictures from our adventure day at the farm:

DSC04730 DSC04772 DSC04776 DSC04784 DSC04811 DSC04816 DSC04817 DSC04829 DSC04848 DSC04861 DSC04874 DSC04875 DSC04876 DSC04877


Family Time: Zoo Day

10 May

Since Madeline was born we have had a lot going on, we have been in a couple weddings, had business trips, spent 3 months preparing to sell our house, then spent another 5 months selling said house, then had to move twice (once to a temporary apartment while our home was being built and our final move), and bought a new home. Things are finally slowing down for us and we are making a concerted effort to to have more ‘family adventure days’. These may not be an adventure to Dan or myself, but to our two year everything new is an adventure. ┬áSince we live in the LA area there is so much to do and we want to be sure to take advantage of the proximity of all the events and attractions in our area.

Madeline was very excited for our trip to the zoo and seeing all the animals! She has been talking about the ‘big tigers’ and ‘swinging monkeys’ all week. She rode a carousel for the very first time, which was a big step since she hates even being on swings. We also got to see the LA Zoo’s new addition: a baby giraffe named Sofie (pictured with her parents below). Here are some pictures from our adventure:

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