Becoming A Sun(screen) Worshipper

29 Dec

As I just turned 30, I am realizing that there are a lot of things that I have put off doing for a variety of reasons. Sometimes I am putting things off because of not prioritizing the money for it (like travel), sometimes it’s because I’m lazy or forgetful (like backing up my computer hard drive so I don’t lose all the pictures of my kids) and other times it’s because I know it will be unpleasant (like avoiding getting the flu shot). So today I finally stopped putting off something that I knew would be unpleasant, going to the dermatologist to be checked for anything suspicious.
Living a healthy lifestyle includes more than just eating right and hitting the gym more, to me it also means being sure that I’m getting preventative care and showing my kids (and sometimes my husband) the importance of check ups and it’s high time for me to take those actions.

I used to be a sun worshiper when I was younger, I loved the beach and even worse- I used to love the tanning salon. I would slather on some delightful smelling tanning bed lotion and climb in for a 30 minute warm relaxation time… daily 😁. And I know that this was the worst thing I could have done and I was, for a time, addicted to the tanning salon. I also wasn’t great at remembering sun screen. I once tanned at the beach, became insanely burned and then went out the next day to the beach again, which resulted in a purple burn and not being able to lift my arms because it hurt too much for a couple days. I never liked sun screen much because it felt greasy and clogged my pores, which is a classic rookie mistake when it comes to sun exposure.

After being tan for the majority of my junior high, high school, and college life, I have finally given in to the reality that I am a fair skinned lady thanks to my Northern European ancestors. I, along with most of my girl friends are now taking up residence under large umbrellas with wide brimmed sun hats, and cover ups when we hang out at the pool. And we most certainly seek out the highest SPF we can find. And I’ve worked hard to make sure that my daughter knows that whenever you go out in the sun you must put on sunscreen and I carry it around in my bag for her.

So now it’s time to get things checked out and since I’ve been irresponsible in the past, it’s time to find out if and how I will pay for those mistakes. I got my check up and had to have two moles removed. Now the last time I went to get checked the Doctor came at me with a needle and a scalpel and I nearly passed out right there on the examination table and couldn’t let them do it. But I needed to (wo)man up and had to be brave, because being afraid of something doesn’t change the outcome. Waiting longer to find out if there is something wrong will only make my situation worse. So now I have a week or so to wait until my results come back. I’m thinking positive thoughts (which is another thing I’m working on while building a new and improved Amy).

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