“More Flowers Mommy!”

24 May

There are so many wonderful ideas on the interest (a hem- pinterest) for nurseries and kids rooms that it’s almost overwhelming. Some of the ideas out there are simple additions, some are ridiculously complex, some are way out of range of talent or ability. I was feeling pretty bad since I have not really started on decorating Madeline’s room much since we moved in, I had painted a couple walls elsewhere in the house and hung things on the walls, but nothing in her room. Originally I had gotten pink paint and was planning to just paint a wall, maybe do a stencil or something. I decided to start with doing something in her closet, I don’t know why I always feel the need to paint or decorate the inside of closets- but I do. I was just going to paint it when I thought to myself, ‘Amy, (because I call myself Amy when I talk to myself) we can do a little better than that”. I decided that I wanted to give her room a little room for imagination and creativity and whimsy. I decided to give a shot at painting some flowers. Now Madeline has a shelving unit with canvas bins in her closet so it could not be traditional flowers because you would not be able to see them past the unit. I also wanted to so something that would look cute even if we decided to one day get rid of the shelving.

I decided to start painting at a very inopportune time when Dan was assembling her ceiling fan and Madeline was home with us. There was stuff all over the place, packaging from the fan, painters tape, toys, etc. It was a little crazy in her room with my awkwardly jammed in the closet, trying to keep Maddie away from the open paint cans, and with Dan up on a step stool solely working on the fan over his head. But Madeline was very interested in the painting and kept saying: “Mommy paint flowers” and “more flowers Mommy!”.

When I started painting I was totally unsure of how this would look but after I finished I really like it (and Maddie did too!), here’s my project. ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

??????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

One Response to ““More Flowers Mommy!””

  1. Kath May 24, 2013 at 5:51 pm #

    So cute! Can’t wait to see what you do with the rest of her room 🙂

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