To The Sea

21 May

When we took Madeline to the beach she kept asking to see boats, fortunately for us there just happened to be  a couple boats that passed by while we were there. This eventually lead to her asking to ride on the boats (as she asks to ride on airplanes when she sees them or ‘drive daddy’s car’ when he comes home). My first thought was – Oh geez we are going to step foot on a boat and she will totally freak out or try to run off the boat or have a complete meltdown when she cannot leave the boat upon her whim to do so. I also was thinking, what kind of boat can I take her on? I thought about what was nearby and since the ocean is only about 30 minutes away- that was a whole lot. It hit me, a harbor tour! I checked out the website for the Ventura Harbor and found out that it was an enclosed boat and it was only 40 minutes long. I thought that might be a little long for a two-year old to sit through but it was not terribly long.

We wanted to skip traffic and still be able to get things done on Sunday so we left our house at 9:15 am (even though we get up early every day it still seems unfair to have to do it on a weekend). There was no traffic what-so-ever so we got there very quickly and had some time to kill before the first tour at noon. We took a nice little walk around the harbor and Madeline was super excited to see all the boats and look around. Almost immediately she asked: “ride a boat?”, we told her we had to wait our turn and we would take a walk first. Randomly it happened to be the 75th anniversary of the Ventura Harbor Yacht Club and the yachts were all decked out with their flags and did a little parade as we noshed on some shrimp and chips and clam chowder from Andria’s before ourDSC04559 DSC04561 IMG_1663 boat ride. IMG_1627DSC04510???????????????????????????????















We were pleasantly surprised that Madeline did not in fact freak out, but instead she was really excited and interested in all the things to see, the kayaks, paddle boarders, pelicans, other boats, etc. She only got scared once when we were taken out past the breaker and the waves were rolling up and down and we were bouncing around a little. But once the boat got turned around she was just fine.

We were so lucky to have such nice warm perfect weather and we didn’t even hit traffic on the way home. Another adventure day down, still thinking about what to do next with our little adventurer.
IMG_1668 IMG_1671 DSC04575 ???????????????????????????????

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One Response to “To The Sea”

  1. Kath May 21, 2013 at 5:11 pm #

    Awww, sounds like you all had a great day! The pics are wonderful! 🙂

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