Beginnings and Endings

17 May

Today is the last day of the Spring Semester at the university I work at. This means a lot of last minute changes and some moderate freak outs on the part of our students who have not covered their balances. Today also marks the last day of undergrad for many of our students and some of the student workers I have become close with over their last four years. It has meant a lot to me to be able to be a part of their lives and to help them and guide them when they wanted advise. Two of them are going back to their home states and one of them has a job lined up already nearby. It’s a sad time knowing that I will no longer get surprise pop ins by them and no longer get to sit down with them and talk about life, but it’s such an exciting time for them to be exiting one important step in their lives and moving forward toward the lives they will lead from now on. This is now the fifth graduation I have seen on this campus while working here and it is always the same wonderful scenes of proud graduates and even prouder families, palpable excitement and  nerves as they prepare to cross the stage. It’s a very rewarding time for all the graduates, their families as well as all of us administrators and faculty who have worked hard to help these students get through their tenure at our institution. Congrats to all!


This picture was from my Master’s graduation in 2009 with my two grad school besties.

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