Food trucks!

5 May

Yesterday my hubby, daughter and I had an adventure day beginning with a trip to the Los Angeles Zoo and then a food truck charity event and finally dropping my daughter off so we could see a movie with friends. I happen to be a big fan of food trucks, they are a fun alternative to traditional restaurants often with creative fusion foods. Our hometown hosted a charity event in support of the troops and promised live entertainment with lots of delicious food trucks. I of course was intrigued. Now this is my first time going after beginning the Veg Project (becoming a vegetarian with my bestie) so I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t be able to find something to nosh since a lot of the food I’ve gotten in the past at different food trucks have been very meat centric.
There were a lot of fun trucks- grilled cheese, Asian fusion, Thai fusion, BBQ, burgers, cupcakes, etc. We found an acceptable length of a line at Sam Choy’s Pineapple Express. There was a lovely sweet pineapple and ginger fragrance coming from the truck. I ordered shrimp tacos with a pineapple slaw on corn tortillas, and they were delicious, grilled shrimp and a tangy and fruit slaw- a tasty little party in my mouth. After listening to some live tunes and devouring our delicious lunch I knew it was time for something sweet! We checked out the other trucks and found Pie ‘n Burger which has one of my very favorite things right in the title- pie!! Right at the top of the listing was the apple pie, immediately I knew that had to be it! I live for apple pie and it did not disappoint! Sweet, cinnamony, tangy apples engulfed by a flakey, buttery, perfect crust. I was one happy- and full mama when we left!





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