Beach Day

1 May

During our little trip ‘over the hill’ to LA we briefly mentioned to our daughter that ‘the beach is over there’ and it all started there. We had to promise to take her to go see the ocean, which we did from the amazing views of Pepperdine University. She wasn’t satisfied, she said simply “Maddie swim ocean” (she’s two). We told her we would take her back to the beach soon and she said ‘promise!’ So we did.
Last weekend we ventured back to the shore, this time to my very favorite restaurant Paradise Cove. It’s an amazing restaurant that sits on its own private beach in Malibu. We decided to get brunch first and sat outside in the sand so we could enjoy the beautiful weather with our pancakes.
After we finished up our tasty treats we hit the beach. Even though it was almost 90 degrees inland there was a marine layer blocking the sunshine. We asked Madeline if she wanted to go see the water (we know she wouldn’t actually be interested in swimming seeing as she rarely even wants to sit down while bathing in the tub). She didn’t want to go any closer than the slope down to the shore. So we set up our blanket farther away from the water. Maddie spent the rest of our time walking around the beach exploring and playing in the sand with her bucket and shovel. We had a very fun, relaxing and sandy trip but if you ask maddie she will tell you she ‘swam in ocean with whales’ and is very excited to tell her story, it’s all she can talk about. I love her story and it makes me laugh.



One Response to “Beach Day”

  1. Kath May 1, 2013 at 2:27 pm #

    OMG, that’s too funny! What she kept saying to me was ‘Maddie go beach’…pretty much all she’s talked about since you went! That, and she put her feet in the sand and it felt ‘funny’. Love that girl so much! šŸ™‚

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