Epic Fail: Meditating with Oprah and Deepak Chopra

1 Apr

Ok so I hear about all kinds of cool things through my friends whether it’s a great new book to read (Lol, like I read books- epic fail on reading books to come), new restaurants, the best farmer’s markets, local festivals, where food trucks can be found, community arts and social forums, or where sales can be found. Recently I heard about this series that Oprah and Deepak Chopra had been putting on: a 21 day Meditation Challenge. My good friend Danielle told me about this and she said that it was helping her feel calmer and more at peace and helping with some fundamental issues of life. The purpose of the meditation challenge is to achieve perfect health through meditation. I was intrigued. I have tried only a couple times to take a couple minutes to meditate throughout the years so I thought this could be really cool! So a couple days later a facebook friend of mine posted something about this on her wall and I remembered I had wanted to check it out (I tend to get easily distracted and forget things).

I clicked on the link and read about the program, it was free (which is my favorite price) and unfortunately it was set for a particular number of days and it was already day 13 of the 21 days, however I was still able to start at this point and the audio feeds were available for 10 days so it allowed me to go back to day 3. I thought this could be a great new challenge that I can take on since it was a short 16-17 minute session that I could listen to on a computer or on my iphone and it would give me a relaxing break as well as something to pontificate about. So I decided to give it a try and signed up. I figured I could listen to a couple a day and that way I could get caught up. I tried the first one in the office, I was too busy to take a lunch that day so I just shut my door and plugged my headphones in to start it. I must say Oprah and Deepak both have very soothing voices and the zen music playing in the background was very relaxing… until my coworker knocked on the door. I paused, answered their question. Play, then two seconds later an email popped up. Holy work drama. I was instantly distracted, I could hear things going on in my headphones but I was clearly not listening. I put my headphones away and would try later.

Later that night I decided right before bed would be a good time, so I dimmed my bedroom light after getting brushing my teeth and getting into some comfy pj’s. I sat on my bed and put my headphones in, I restarted that same session. About two minutes in my husband comes in already talking to me before he got in the room. “I’m doing that meditation thing,” and pointed to the headphones. “Oh, ok,” he whispers.

I try to center again and focus on the messages I am listening to about intuition… hmm crackers sound pretty good right now… no, no focus… did I put on moisturizer? Oh it doesn’t matter, just pay attention. Wait, what is that noise? I begin looking around, the ceiling fan began out of nowhere totally rattling, then my husband turns on his electric toothbrush… yea, this wasn’t going to happen that night.

I tried once again the next day, it was midafternoon and I was at home, alone. There was no way I was going to get distracted, I pep talked myself, I can do this, I can pay attention and not fall asleep to the soothing zen music. I started the session, and then I got a phone call that I couldn’t postpone. I am a meditation challenge epic loser- lol. Although, I am pretty sure that if I was able to do all the sessions I being ‘present’ or focusing my energy probably would have been covered in a session and it probably would have helped me!

One Response to “Epic Fail: Meditating with Oprah and Deepak Chopra”

  1. Kath April 1, 2013 at 11:21 pm #

    I hear you…sometimes I think the only people who really have the ability to meditate are people who live alone, in a vacuum. Not a Dyson, a space void of noise or distraction. 😉

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