Things To Think About

27 Mar

Living in Los Angeles makes it quite easy to ignore the plights in this world and focus on a plethora of distractions. L.A. is full of superficiality, consumerism, and ultimately a self interest focus. But there comes a time that you cannot sit back and ignore what’s going on in the world around you.

I decided that 2013 was a year that I was going to work on making a difference. This was apart of my new years resolution and thus far I have donated to quite a few causes, become educated about different social injustices in this world and attempted to publicize them to people I know. I find that in our daily lives we try to avoid looking at the ugliness in life because it isn’t pleasant, we spend so much time at work, and in our very own mini dramas that we choose to have a tunnel vision rather than see and acknowledge that ugly and sometimes horrible truths and realities in this world. This tunnel vision helps us to go about our lives nonchalantly. I find that there are a couple different reasons for the tunnel vision that most people have, 1. they simply don’t know about the issues, 2. they don’t want to know (selective ignorance), 3. they don’t think it’s their problem, 4. they don’t think there is anything about it that they can change so why get involved, 5. their own issues (relationship, financial, emotional, etc) are too great to give their time/energy/money to help others.

I find it hard to focus on one issue, charity, injustice because there are so many important ones out there. Knowing that I am only one person used to make me feel like ‘what can I do, I can’t make a difference’, but what I have come to realize is that it’s simply not true. If you make a difference in one person’s life, just once, then you did a good job. If you donate a couple dollars and it provides food for a child for one meal, that’s one day they didn’t go hungry. If you help publicize an animal in need of being adopted and someone rescues it, you helped that animal avoid life on the streets or even being euthanized in a pound. If you know something that you feel people need to know that may help to make a change for the good, then share that information and encourage others to do so as well. Like letting people know that foster kids in every state are given only trash bags to place their belongings when moving from foster home to foster home, trash bags are for trash, not for children’s belongings #togetherwerise. And there are groups that are out there trying to spread the word on issues, we need to listen and act. It’s that easy.

santa cruz

2 Responses to “Things To Think About”

  1. Kath March 27, 2013 at 11:41 pm #

    When any one person adds their voice to any cause they strengthen the power of the whole – and help to shine a light on a need. I’m proud of you!

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