The Veg Project: week one

23 Mar

Week one of the Veg Project was actually a little tougher than I originally thought it would be. I thought since I was already making meatless meals for dinner often and choosing veggie burritos over chicken there would be little to no temptations to go down the meat path, but it was hard.
I have grown accustomed to making many meat filled meals that have become staples in this house, so grocery shopping was strange as I found myself going toward the meat counter or starting to reach for the turkey bacon. I quickly remembered to steer away. When browsing Pinterest (one of my favorite past times) I would see a recipe for chicken tortilla soup and think, ‘oh I have to try that… Oh wait, I’m not eating that.’ I was especially challenged going to a local restaurant for a meeting with a lender friend and two of my work associates. We went to a restaurant that I go to often, except I have only even eaten chicken lettuce wraps, chicken tortilla soup, or a chicken stir fry. Knowing I didn’t already have a veg standby lined up I thought it was a good idea to check out the menu prior to leaving for the restaurant. I was having a particularly difficult time picking something, but I settled on a couple options and ended up with a roasted veggie lasagna that was amazing! It’s crazy how ingrained my eating habits are, how automatic it is for me to think ‘hmm I’m hungry, I want a chicken taco.’ But I know it’s just something that I need to retrain my brain to do.
Now it wasn’t all bad, there were a couple easy moments this week like eating at a couple burrito places which offer delish veg burritos and making some great meatless meals which included veggie burgers with spinach and raspberry salad, baked salmon with roasted Brussels sprouts, and spicy corn, peppers, jack cheese stuffed portabello mushroom caps with roasted sweet potatoes. This change of diet has been made easier since my husband has gotten on board. He is not participating in the Veg Project (he’s not converting to be a pesco-lacto-ovo vegetarian) but has been completely fine with me cutting meat out of our dinners and been supportive of me when I had challenging moments.
I have also checked in with my Veg Project buddy and she said she’s feeling good and thinks that the meat free diet is actually helping her with her digestion. Most people don’t choose to go cold turkey when giving pretty much anything up, but I know myself and I know that if I am still consuming the thing I’m giving up that it can be a very slippery slope and I won’t succeed. So cold turkey it is!
Week one: done and no cheating (brownie points!).


Above is one my favorite summer salads: tender baby spinach, tart & fruity raspberries, dry roasted slivered almonds, & tangy low fat honey mustard dressing. Totally refreshing!

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